Our unarmed and armed defense programs as well as our first aid training programs provide clients with the knowledge to react to any life threatening situation. We guarantee that you will be prepared to handle these critical situations.

In today's world it makes sense to prepare yourself for adversity. Training is a mind set a choice of the well prepared and self reliant individual or group.  This is a concept we ingrain in all of our training programs and trainees. 

We have the highest quality of training at the best price point in the industry. We are commited to saving lives through the delivery and development of superior quality training. 




  • CPR/ First Aid/ AED Instruction
  • Weapons Retention and Disarming Instruciton
  • NRA Pistol Rifle Shotgun and Home Firearm Safety Instruction

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Training Programs

  • NRA LE Handgun Instruction
  • Conceal Carry Weapons Instrution
  • OC, BAton and Handcuffing Instruction
  • Use of Force Instruction
  • CQC Instruction

Along With 40 other available Instruction Courses